ClassDojo-Bringing Families and Education Together

Teachers everywhere are changing the way they communicate with their students’ families through a simple and effortless tap of an app on their phone. ClassDojo has revolutionized the communication line between classrooms and homes. This communication platform allows teachers to connect to parents, students and vise versa.


ClassDojo provides a sense of community in the world of education. Parents of school-aged children have at one time or another encountered the one-word answer “nothing” to the question “how was school today?” Or “what did you do today?” Now teachers can post pictures of what is happening in the classroom, while it’s happening.

Teachers can also send personal notes to parents or post a classroom reminder or note for all parents.


ClassDojo is a unique piece of technology introduced in 2011. At first, the app was devised to be a point system reward for good behavior, but, with time, the app has evolved into a very useful communication tool. With its rapid growth and usage in 2 out of 3 classrooms in grades K-8, many teachers are turning to ClassDojo to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s education and successes. Realistically, it is impossible to call every parent on a regular basis with positive notes of success. ClassDojo is a platform that allows constant communication on a regular basis. Educators can let parents know that their child met the classroom’s expectations during centers or specialists in mere minutes.


The new venture in ClassDojo’s path is to generate revenue by providing parents, teachers, and students with easily available content for an additional fee. As of now, ClassDojo releases videos on growth mindset. Teachers, students, and families enjoy the videos and the message behind the video. The goal is to release these videos on a more regular basis.


While the app will provide basic services at no cost, it will also provide additional educational services for a fee. The content will reach students and parents with ease. After all, families are already checking into ClassDojo to see what is happening in the classroom, so the content will already be at their fingertips. The end result is ClassDojo brings families and classrooms together.