End Citizens United – Fighting Proudly To Reform Campaign Finance System

It is a well-known fact that the elections are funded majorly by large corporations and high net worth individuals. The judgment of the United State’s Supreme Court in 2010 between Citizen United and Federal Election Commission on endcitizensunited.org, the verdict opened doors for the for-profit organizations, union groups, and large-scale corporations to spend millions on the political leaders and parties they support. Such tidal wave of funds can create a conflict of interest among the leaders who finally take the position as a leader of people. It is this conflict of interest that the End Citizens United, which is a political action committee, established on 1st March 2015, understands and identifies.

The End Citizens United PAC is entirely funded by the people of the United States and focuses on fighting how the campaigns across the country are funded. The End Citizens United PAC demands transparency in the campaign finance system and wants a transformation in the funding system currently followed, which practically does not put any limit to how much a political leader or party can raise from a particular donor on endcitizensunited.org. It believes the current campaign finance system has loopholes that are indeed exploited in the elections and is working against the interest of the common people. The benefits of leadership and the government are reaped by the corporations and high net worth individuals, whereas the everyday people are feeling ignored.

The idea that End Citizens United is working with is to build a coalition of as many people as it can gather across the country and file the petition to pressurize the lawmakers to end effects of Citizen United case, once and for all. The End Citizens United aims to achieve this by raising funds from grassroots donors and contributing towards the political leaders who champion the cause of reforming the current campaign finance system and end the era of dark money. End Citizens United firmly believes that the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Citizen United case has paved the way for easy corruption in the electoral system of the country.

End Citizens United’s communications director, Richard Carbo, in an interview, mentioned that the PAC has already raised a fund of $2 Million, and aims to raise a total of $25 million soon. Around 325,000 people across the country have already signed the petition by End Citizen United, and much more are signing each day. The average donation on Facebook the End Citizen United PAC is getting is $14.86 and firmly believes that the common people of the country are in support of the cause they are backing.

End Citizen United through its active campaign against the immoral and unethical political funding during campaigns wants to bring transparency and create a level playing field, where the leaders who champion the cause of the people can stand tall without facing the unfair competition of corporation funded political leaders.