Fabletics Is Here To Stay

Amazon is a giant in e-commerce space. But Fabletics by Kate Hudson is creating its own niche here. They have already made inroads into the business empire of Amazon, and it is quite clear that they are here to stay.


It is important to understand the working of Fabletics to know how and why they have achieved success in this highly competitive industry.


Fabletics clearly understands that people are focused on getting and remaining fit today. Hence they are on the lookout for quality workout clothes. Fabletics is promoting itself as a high-end brand. They understand that their customer does not have time to browse or pick out clothes. Hence they provide help here.


Once you visit their site, they make you go through a lifestyle quiz. They will ask you about the kind of workout you do. It can be a run, yoga or even a mix of many activities. Next, they will ask you about the place where you do your workouts. It can be outdoors, home or more likely, a mix of various options.


Next, they will ask you for a choice of colors. Some people like bright colors while others opt for the sober variety. There may be others who like to go for prints. For others, this is highly immaterial. They are more focused on comfort and convenience.


Then they ask you for your body type. This can mean lean, curvy and so on. Post that they ask you about your size. Once they have your particulars, you would be getting a gift from them.


Fabletics promises quality. Once you receive your gift, you would be prompted to become their VIP member. They would choose the workout clothes that match your body type as well as your workout style.


What Fabletics has done here is that they have made you a member without you even visiting their store or site. A major issue with Amazon is that people browse on their site but purchase from some other store or site. But Fabletics is making use of the reverse showroom technique. Typically customers visit a site or store first. In case they like the stuff, they may decide to take membership. But nearly 50% of customers walking into a Fabletics store are members already.


There is a membership fee to be paid in case of the VIP membership of Fabletics. But this is not really a drawback. Customers are happy with the fact that this membership fee can be waived off for any particular month when no purchases are to be made. Hence there are no strings attached here. Besides, the membership allows them a lot of good deals and offers.


Having a VIP membership would also mean getting personalized service. Since your particulars are available with Fabletics, Hence the initial sorting and picking is already done by them. This saves the customer a lot of time in choosing clothes for themselves. Besides, Fabletics has a number of physical stores where people can walk in and make their purchases.