Hearing From Adam Milstein How Business And Philanthropy Mix

Adam Milstein has worked hard to build a large holding company in the real estate world. That company is Hager Pacific Properties which is based in Los Angeles but owns millions worth in commercial and residential properties across California, Texas and Illinois. He’s also been dedicated to philanthropy through the Milstein Family Foundation and ties to other Jewish groups including the Israeli-American Council where he currently serves as chairman and president. Milstein decided to tell Ideamensch how he came to be a part of Hager Pacific Properties, and how he spends his days at work.


Adam Milstein said Hager Pacific Properties was formed after seeing an opening in commercial real estate while attending graduate school, and as none of the other entry-level jobs being offered appealed to him, he delved completely into it. Milstein says philanthropy is important in his work because it adds a scheduled task to do in the day and adds more meaning to his work overall. One way Milstein keeps on top of both business and philanthropy is through Constant Contact, software that keeps his contacts organized and allows him to follow up with all of them.


Adam Milstein’s philanthropy is targeted at Israeli support groups because he himself was born and raised there. His parents both came in 1948 when Jews were given the opportunity to return to the land. When Milstein came of age he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served the required term. During this time he fought in General Ariel Sharon’s battalion that invaded Egypt and forced surrender. After returning home from this service Adam married Gila Elgrably, a young woman he had fallen in love with while in the armed forces. He also attended the Technion and later completed his master’s at USC.


Milstein has been working with partners at the Milstein Family Foundation to find creative ways to support Israel. One of those ways was a video competition known as “Inspired By Israel” which the Milstein Family Foundation and StandWithUs have hosted for two consecutive years. The Milsteins also are advocates of families learning Hebrew and have done so through Sifriyat Pijama B’America.