Helane Morrison; a woman on the rise

Helane is currently working at the Hall Capital Partners LLC. However, it was her work with the SEC that shaped her career in the law world.


She joined the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996 as the Assistant Distract Administrator, Enforcement. This is a position that she served in for three years. She managed to move up the ladder in the company. She was promoted to the position of Regional Director. She was the first woman to serve under this position. She was the regional director for eight years. In this position, she managed a team of 100 people that had the mandate of dealing with litigation and security enforcement. She succeeded David Bayless who had served in the position for five years.


As a regional director, she has managed to handle different projects including the successful investigation of the Republic Securities in New York. The interested thing is that the before she joined the SEC, she used to represent different clients that were sued by the company. She also worked in arbitrations for her different clients.



Other companies


Her career started in 1986 when she joined the Howard, Rice, and company as the title associate. One year late she was admitted to the State Bar of California. She was later promoted to the position of a partner in 1991. She was with the company for ten years before she joined SEC.


She is currently the general counsel and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners Company. In the company, she is also the managing director, secretary of the board of directors and the member of the executive committee.





Helane has a Bachelor Degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University. She also has got her Juris Doctor from the University of Berkeley School of Law in 1984.


She is a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and the member of the hedge fund subcommittee of the American Bar Association.


In addition to her career, she also has different interests. She cares about different causes including; education, environment, and animal welfare.


Helane was listed as the most influential women in the Bay area in business and public sector in 2003, 2005 and 2007.





She has tremendous skills that have improved her career and they include;


« Legal advice

« Limited partnerships

« Management

« Litigation

« Legal compliance

« Drafting of contracts

« Securities regulations