Highland Capital in the Right Place at the Right Time

Highland Capital Management Limited is an investment firm based out of Dallas, Texas. Founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, this SEC registered investment advisor is an experienced global alternative credit manager with more than 15.4 billion of assets under management. Highland has a diversified strategy for investing as well as a varied client base. Their clients include public pension plans, governments, corporations, endowments, and foundations, fund of funds, financial institutions and high net-worth individuals.


South Korea’s National Pension Service and the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute are their highest valued funds at $499.8 billion and 465.13 billion respectively. After closing a healthcare private equity fund this May, it is anticipated that Highland Capital will be expanding their healthcare holdings in the near future. With more than 15 years in private equities and more than 1.5 billion in healthcare assets, still more investments in the sector are expected.


Highland Capital Management is planning to buy middle market healthcare assets in Asia and the U.S. They are planning to buy multiple asset classes and fund structures because now is a good time to buy. Healthcare’s middle market is poised to undergo some disruptive changes and Highland Capital plans on capitalizing on the opportunity. Some forces will act upon the industry affecting companies in the middle market allowing then increased access.


The Factors to Consider:

  • The Demographic evolution in America
  • Asia’s increased access to Healthcare
  • Complexity of healthcare demand from the consumer and the government


Highland Capital’s Holdings

  • Credit Hedge Funds
  • Long-Only Funds
  • Separate Accounts
  • Distressed and Special Situation Private Equity
  • Collateralized Loan Obligations
  • Alternative Investments
  • Emerging Markets
  • Long Equities
  • Short Equities
  • Natural Resources


With the growth pattern already exhibited by Highland Capital, they are expected to continue moving with the same if not an accelerated growth rate. The acceleration could very well be anticipated in light of their future further expansion into the healthcare industry, which is poised to explode. Now that the Asian citizen is taking full advantage of an industry, their sheer numbers will drive the industry’s growth significantly. Add the changes taking place in the U.S. and a sizable growth spurt is inevitable. If Highland Capital positions itself perfectly, it will reap the benefits of being in the right place at the right time.