How Capital Anesthesiology Is Transforming Anesthesia Medical Services

Having access to Medical Care is something that everyone should be able to receive. These are modern times that we’re living in today and with those modern times coms innovative services. Unfortunately life is full of mishaps and there’s no way around it. Injuries and illnesses plagues us all to some degree, but if the situation calls for intense medical treatments, anesthesia is one of the best medications to make the situation into a success. Austin, Texas personifies this best as it has one of the leading independent practices that specialize in anesthesiology services. Capital Anesthesiology Association serves the entire Austin, Texas Area and there are up to 20 medical facilities that are a part of it’s mega network.


Whether it’s high acuity hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, or level 1 trauma centers. Here are a few of the medical facilities being served below:


  • Strictly Pediatrics
  • Texas Surgery Center
  • Inspire Medical Centre
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Texas Orthopedics
  • Seton Hayes


This organization has been around since the early 70’s and it has grown into the powerhouse of today by providing the highest quality of services. CAA offer the most comfortable environment possible, which gives the patient peace of mind. Even the administrative staff provides top notch service and will support any and all through the billing process.Capital Anesthesiology Association has laid the blue print to success.

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