How Julie Zuckerberg has led Talent Recruitment in Top Corporations

Various talented professionals who need to find jobs in the right companies need to link up with experienced recruitment experts who understand the best positions for them. Companies also need the service of recruiters for them to hire the best employee. Julie Zuckerberg is one of the renowned specialists in the field, and she is currently located in New York. Julie works at the Deutsche Bank as the company’s executive recruitment lead. Zuckerberg also acts as the vice president of the bank.


Julie has been an active recruitment officer for the past 15 years and has managed to acquire a wide array of skills. These include talent management, executive search, talent acquisition, employee training, behavioral interviewing, team leadership, hiring, and corporate recruiting. Her service in different corporations has enabled her to understand more about human resource management, executive staffing, management, and conflict resolution. Zuckerberg’s administrative role at Deutsche Bank makes her in charge of activities such as asset management, operations, global technology, as well as private and commercial clients. She holds a law and philosophy degree from the New York Law School and the City University of New York.


During her long career, Julie has worked for various top corporations as a recruitment professional. Hudson was the first enterprise that hired her services after she completed school. Zuckerberg joined the company in 2002 to serve as the director of candidate placement. Hudson Global Resources America Inc. is an enterprise that assists various firms across the world in hiring the best employees. The role of Julie Zuckerberg at the company was to source and recruit the professionals who were needed by its clients. Some of the experts that she dealt with were attorneys, case managers, and paralegals. Her background in law enabled her to assist the firm in addressing various conflicts that occurred between it and the employees.


In 2007, Zuckerberg took another job at the Citi Global Consumer Bank. She was the executive recruiter of the banking institution and assisted it in hiring top employees such as managing directors. Julie also worked as an executive recruiter of another branch of Citi, which was known as Citi Cards Consumer Marketing. She assisted the Citi Global Consumer Bank in the development and execution of innovative recruitment techniques such direct sourcing, social media, and employment referrals. The new methods helped the firm in hiring professionals who were highly skilled.


The recruitment expert moved to the New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. She worked at the as the executive recruiter of the insurance corporation for about three months. Her role at the business was to hire employees of all levels. She also joined efforts with the top management of the enterprise to determine various ways of solving the problems that its clients face. In early 2014, Julie Zuckerberg left the firm and joined the Deutsche Bank. One can access more information about the recruitment guru by visiting her social media accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Julie is also an advocate for human rights, civil rights, and economic issues.