Success Academy is a cut Above when it comes to Education

The Success Academy takes a much different approach to education than a traditional school. The approach has produced students with much higher grades on individual subjects as well as state mandated proficiency exams. The teaching professionals take a rigorous approach to education. Students are exposed to all cultures, all backgrounds and different aspects of society. This approach gives students a well rounde4d education rather than an education based on a socio-economic environment.


Student learning is also based on the building block approach. Skills are taught that give students a solid educational foundation upon which to build. Students also learn the team work concept where students will work on a project together and each student will take on a certain aspect of the project. The team leader is usually charged with explaining to the rest of the class the thought process that went into the concept and execution of the project.


The success of the Success Academy is due to the focus the professionals bring to the educational table. They take a “no excuse” approach couple with “anyone can succeed if you put in the effort” philosophy. The Success Academy staff does not take a text book approach to learning. They fully understand that students learn through differing techniques and methods. Some are hands on learners while others are visual learners. The lessons implemented take the differing approach into account and although it may seem like individual instruction it is actually focused learning where the lessons are adaptable to the needs of the students. Instead of the students being molded to fit the program, the program is molded to fit the students.


The out of the box approach to learning has resulted in better students, more comprehensive knowledge base and allows students to develop a great deal of confidence in their ability to learn and then apply what they learn. The learning process takes advantage of longer school days, uniforms rather than individual dress and more focus on a broad range of subjects rather than the common-core approach, which narrows the learning window a great deal.


Teacher preparation is an additional area where Success Academy excels. The school programs provide the necessary tools and skills an instructor needs to effectively teach students. With student and teacher preparation Success Academy cannot realistically fail the students. When students graduate from Success Academy, they are not only prepared to take on higher educational opportunities, but they are also prepared to take on life.