USA is proud of Eric Pulier

Eric Puller is a popular and successful philanthropist, author and entrepreneur from the United States of America. Eric is specifically based in Los Angele, California. This successful man started dealing with computers when he was still in high school. This is when Pulier began doing primary programming and databases. In 1984, he joined the Harvard University and pursued English and American literature.

Eric’s career in technology got established in 1991. He had moved to Los Angeles and found people teaching about healthcare and education. These people were using technology. This is when he got attracted in the digital revolution that was going around. Later in 1997, Pulier participated and supported Clinton Global initiative and gave advises on technology initiatives and health care.

Starbright world is a private social network that was built by Eric pulier. This social network was meant for children to share their contents, chats blogs, and many others. Some of these children shared similar experiences in their lives.

In his career life of technology, Eric has a number of ventures that he has invented. Some of these software are Akana, Media platform, and Desktorn.

In philanthropy, Pulier has made several donations to non-profitable companies. He is currently sitting on the innovation board of X-price foundations.

The history of Eric Pulier’s entrepreneur and philanthropy is quite challenging to compete with. His beginning was small but has grown to what he is today. Being the founder of a technology company at teenage is not a joke. The many companies that he attended from his University level helped him gain the experience he needed in life.

So far, Pulier owns millions of money. This money is useful to needy children.