Wengie Makes Traveling A Whole Lot Easier!

Wengie is a YouTube sensation who has a vlog with all kinds of great information for health, beauty, and hacks. In this vlog she gives several hacks on how to make your traveling a whole lot easier! She has tips that help with your luggage, when flying, and even for your plants when you’re away.


Before you travel, Wengie says that if you can find a tag or sticker that says, “Fragile,” place it on your bag. This might help the handlers be more careful with your luggage. It may also be placed on the top where you can get your bag first when you get off the plane.


Jewelry can get extremely tangled when you pack it. Wengie uses a medicine pill box to organize all her jewelry. The pill box is air tight, waterproof, and keeps everything from getting tangled. Speaking of getting tangled, all your cords such as phone chargers, and earphones can stay tangle free if you use a glasses case. This keeps them tangle free and easy to find when you need them.


When traveling you always have the problem of dirty clothes. We all try to keep them separate from all our clean clothes. Wengie brings a separate bag and puts a fabric sheet in the bag to keep the odor down.


Worried about your plants when you’re gone? Wengie has found something that will keep your plants watered while you’re gone. She recommends using a corkscrew to put a very small hole in the top of a water bottle. The hole should be small enough for a drop of water to drip every once in a while. Then water your plants well before you leave. Then place the water bottle upside down in the plant. No more worries!


Wrinkles can be frustrating when traveling. Instead of bringing a heavy iron use that straightening iron you brought for your hair! Perfect for sleeves and other small pieces that wrinkle. For more hacks and if you would like to see this vlog in its entirety, go to: